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Why work with us?

APIsFirst are often looking for intelligent, creative and innovative individuals who are passionate about providing excellent service and want to make a difference in the API business world. If you are looking for flexible work, have API experience and love to constantly learn then we would love for you to get in touch.


APIsFirst values and promotes employee equal opportunity and diversity, valuing most the competence and performance of employees.


In supporting professional development and recognising the importance of diversity particularly within the technology industry, our director Claire Barrett leads the Women in APIs (WIA) community which aims to foster diversity and talent within the API community.

The WIA community provides members with networking events to share expertise and experiences with likeminded professionals from around the world.


More can be found out about the WIA initiative at APIDays.

What is it like working with us?

As we work with clients from all around the world, flexibility and remote working are key in a role with us. Providing the best support for our clients means ensuring flexible working hours can be met.

We are also very passionate about creating and promoting Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DE&I) within the workplace, and recognising and celebrating global talent. 

Hear from our employees

"At each step of my return to work, after taking parental leave for a year, the APIsFirst team made me feel like a needed, legitimate and valued member of APIsFirst and the wider API community"

"In just a few months of working as an intern with APIsFirst, I have learned valuable business skills that will undoubtably benefit my career. I feel that Claire has truly tried her best to provide me with as much hands-on experience as possible"

Current vacancies

We are always looking to hear from intelligent individuals who feel they can make a difference here at APIsFirst. 

If this sounds like you, email us by clicking below, explaining what you think you could bring to APIsFirst.