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We believe that organisations need to be good at change: to be responsive, open-minded and ready for both knowns and unknowns. Being good at change means implementing the right technologies with the right approach  and culture at the right time. These come together via APIs to open up fresh business models and to gain new value from existing customer and product or service offerings. A well executed approach to APIs means this can be done more quickly and easily.

APIs everywhere

Regardless of your organisation’s size or industry, it’s likely that APIs are part of your business and IT strategy. You may be well advanced with hundreds or thousands of APIs offering the full gamut of customer, employee, third party partner and developer experiences. Or you may be starting out exploring the potential for APIs to make a difference to your business models and customer experiences.

Right APIs,

done right

How you approach your API strategy and find what will work for your customers and business plans will be unique for your business. Choosing how and where to get going, and then where to focus as you mature with APIs will be key to the impact and pace of your progress. We help you build the know-how, skills and capabilities for you and your colleagues to choose the right APIs for your business and to implement them sustainably for the long-haul.

Don't just adapt, adopt APIs

Wherever level your API maturity is at, we help answer such questions as:

  • How does an API mindset change how we think about our business ?

  • How do we accelerate our API thinking and priorities ?

  • What tooling and capabilities do we need for API lifecycle management ?

  • How do we manage APIs-as-products ?

  • How do we improve our developer experience for using and building APIs ?

  • What would an API centre of enablement achieve for us ?

We support organisations at all stages of maturity with adopting and applying APIs 


We help getting to pilot, from pilot to API-as-products, and then scaling APIs across the enterprise


Our team

Over 40 years' experience supporting API-related strategies and execution at leading global organisations

Mehdi Medjaoui

Claire Barrett

Mehdi believes in automation and making the world and the economy programmable. As an entrepreneur and consultant in the API space over 10 years, and as founder of APIdays conferences, he devotes all his energy to helping organisations adopt an API mindset and enabling IT teams to develop continuous API management practices. He is committed to aligning IT and business goals using programmable interfaces, and making APIs repeatable and scalable. Mehdi is also involved in contributing to human and environmental IT sustainability.

Claire makes strategy happen. An experienced consultant and technology leader, Claire gets traction with IT- and API-enabled programs. She provides structure for helping people to get going and to gain pace; forging their buy-in and commitment so that the change sticks. She believes that an inclusive team, with diverse perspectives applied to the approach and implementation, leads to the best outcomes. She actively supports career and professional development opportunities for people getting into or on with technology careers and leads Women In APIs.

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