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Realising the full potential of APIs.

Accelerating digital transformation, APIs first.

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APIs everywhere

Regardless of your organisation's size, sector or geography, APIs are likely to underpin your business and technology strategies. 

You may be starting out and exploring the potential for APIs to make a difference to your business models and customer experiences.


You may be well advanced with hundreds or even thousands of APIs contributing to developer experiences within and beyond the organisation. 


Wherever you are with API maturity, it's not whether you can realise more API potential but how.

Adult Education Course

Right APIs,
done right

How you approach your API strategy and find what will work for your customers and business plans will be unique for your organisation.

Choosing how and where to get going, and then where to focus as you mature with APIs, is less science than art.

An art that calls for API know-how, skills and capabilities across business, digital and technical disciplines.

We help you and your colleagues with this: choosing the right APIs for your business and delivering them sustainably for the longterm. Being API-first.

API mindset and culture

For many people and teams, being API-first calls for change in thinking and mindset.

Spotting opportunities with new or different 'embedded' business models. Understanding and managing APIs-as-products. Thinking deeply about developers

as customers.

These and other API-related concepts are fundamental to API success and realising broader organisational strategic goals.

We bring these concepts to life in practical ways that speed up people's understanding of how APIs make a difference to them and their teams.

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Beyond adapting: adopting APIs with API practice that sticks

We support organisations at all stages of API maturity to answer questions such as:

  • How do we align APIs with our digital strategy?

  • What API choices and priorities should we focus on?

  • What can we learn from other industries and geographies?

  • How do we identify and manage APIs-as-products?

  • How do we justify and get sponsorship for API-related investments?

  • How do we improve our developer experience for using and building APIs?

  • What is our optimum operating model to support APIs now and into the future?

We help get from strategy to pilot, from pilot to API-as-products, from APIs-as-products to scaling across and beyond the enterprise. 

API acupuncture where it matters

Organisations look for our help with:

  • Bringing new business models to life through platform and ecosystem orchestration

  • Accelerating wider digital transformation

  • Simplifying technology and API architecture for faster and safer innovation

An organisation's choice of what APIs to build is as unique as the nature of its business, the value to its customers, and where innovation and new business models emerge.

Many people know why their organisation’s business strategy relies on APIs. We find they often need help with how to achieve it.

We educate and align leaders and teams around shared API goals, targets and measures


We develop capabilities for internal and external API producers and consumers of new digital products

We support delivery and adoption of API portals and management platforms


We design and strengthen
right-sized API governance and standards

We set an optimum operating model to support the API agenda

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Our team

Our leadership has over 50 years' experience supporting API-related strategies and execution at leading global organisations.

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Claire Barrett

Claire makes API-enabled strategies happen.


An experienced consultant and technology leader, Claire gets traction with IT- and API-enabled programs. She provides structure for helping people to get going and to gain pace; forging their buy-in and commitment so that the change sticks. She believes that an inclusive team, with diverse perspectives applied to the approach and implementation, leads to the best outcomes.


Claire actively supports career and professional development opportunities for people getting into or on with technology careers. She co-leads the global Women In APIs community.


Mehdi Medjaoui

Mehdi believes in automation and making the world and the economy programmable.


As a globally recognised entrepreneur and consultant in the API space, and as founder of APIdays conferences, he devotes his energy to helping organisations adopt an API mindset and enabling IT teams to develop continuous API management practices.


Mehdi is committed to aligning IT and business goals using programmable interfaces, and making APIs repeatable and scalable. He is also involved in contributing to human and environmental IT sustainability.

Audrey Kolski

Audrey deeply understands APIs as products.

With a technical background and experience across    product, pre-sales, management and partnerships, Audrey brings hands-on skills to all stages of the API lifecycle.

Audrey's expertise has grown from working in high-growth organisations from industries such as telecommunications, financial services, music and add-tech. 

Her focus is more than just conceiving and designing first-class APIs that are a perfect market match: she makes sure the best teams, processes and tools are in place to make it happen.

We are a founding member of
The API Collective

APIsFirst is a proud member of The API Collective, a global group of API specialists who help to power the people behind APIs.

We provide consulting services and solutions that support leaders and API teams to transform their business models and strategies to maximise their success through API investment.

We offer:



Adult Education Course
Business Meeting


Business Consultation

Find out more about The API Collective

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